My aunt, Nerissa Lynn Levey (but really, my Auntie ‘Ris) was an exceptional woman. She lived from her early 20’s with kidney disease, and went through all sorts of trials and tribulations to beat it and keep up with it, over and over again.

She loved drama, art and music, and always took me to art fairs and yard sales when I was young. Although she had a very difficult life, she made sure to enjoy us, her nieces and nephews, and keep her sense of humor.

She eventually went on home dialysis, and became a professional motivational speaker for other kidney patients. She even wrote a layman’s book about kidney transplantation and dialysis!

She was an exceptional example for anyone wondering if they could really make lemonade out of lemons. I miss her very much, but I think that she might approve of this little store and amuta as one way to keep her memory alive. I thank you for helping me to do that!

-Toby Curwin

The Keren Nerissa Foundation’s Mission Statement: We take action to promote community values ​​in general, and the values ​​of volunteerism in the community in particular. We maintain and improve people’s quality of life and the quality of the environment, raising awareness of environmental issues through education and encouragement of recycling and reuse of clothing and other objects. We create and run community second hand centers to assist those in need – assistance is provided in the form of distribution of household appliances, furniture and used clothing in good condition. Goods are received, or bought at a nominal price\cost and delivered or sold to the needy at a nominal price.We give back to the community in many ways, including through supporting local charity organizations, education and encouragement of the community in general and youth in particular, and the provision of help and support to the needy of every kind. We also educate for and encourage a reality in which families in Israel maintain a balanced financial life.